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Write a book in retirement

If you have a “definable” skill and years of experience it is not that difficult to write a book about it.

You can be called what has been coined an “infopreneur”. An entrepreneur selling information. As I have mentioned before, there is a growing market for valuable, hard-to-find real information. Yes, I know everything there is to be known is on the internet. You just have to find it and TRUST it.

Believe me, I have been on the internet since it came about 25 years ago. I have made my living off the internet so to speak. There is a lot of garbage out there.

In my opinion, what is the most in demand is a hands-on publication in a specific industry written by a TRUSTED and experienced person that has “Been there, Done that” for many years.

For example, although I am an experienced photographer, I wanted to offer my services to my favorite realtor. (My wife). After the first house, I realized I needed some insight. After spending some time reading blogs, I came across a book. Written by a guy in the industry, who had done hundreds of session. The book gave me the confidence I could do this well.

Case closed.

So if you have long-term experience in any field, experience and knowledge that is hard to find – think about writing a book. There are several sites out there you can sell it. Amazon for example.

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