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Working in Retirement

Once a person retires, the idea of re-entering into the workforce may cross his or her mind from time to time. If so, you are nor alone in this contemplation. In fact, according to a 2012 Retirement Confidence Survey (EBRI) conducted by Employee Benefit Research Institute, 70% of people consider working for pay once retired, but a much lower portion, about 27% of people surveyed, actually do.

The motivation for many people returning to the workplace is largely positive. Many people cite a desire to stay involved, remain active and work simply for enjoyment. The EBRI survey found that for many, working is fulfilling and a big part of his or her lives.

Still, many seniors who are retired are motivated to return to work by one of their biggest fears is running out of money. Also the need for additional income covered many areas: wanting money to buy extras, declining value of their investments or savings, needing money to make ends meet, and most of keeping his or her health insurance as well as other benefits.

Keep in mind that the decision to keep working in retirement is very personal and will depend mainly on a person’s financial needs.




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