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Working After Retirement: How Much Time Should I Devote to Work?

For many people, keeping busy is what they deem to be the key to a happy retirement. It makes them feel fulfilled and purposeful even after retiring from a successful career. This is a natural inclination perhaps, as people who have been busy all their life will always look for that same feeling—only after retirement though do they get to choose the kind of career that could be different than their previous ones with the possibility of working after retirement.

Working after retirement keeps your life interesting. Learning new things and meeting new people is just the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention the opportunity to earn more too.

Before you embark on a new career after your retirement, you should plan first on how much time you intend to spend working during this period. Of course, this will always depend on what kind of work you intend to do after retirement.

Passive Income Generating Ventures

Most retirees find investing in stocks interesting. As you have ample resources to invest, all you need is minimal time to study the trends in stock exchange and know how to play with your stocks as you start having them. In case you have not been in this industry prior to your retirement, you will find stock investment as a profitable way to earn passive income while not demanding too much of your time.

Part-Time Work

If you are the type who enjoys the bustle and creativity of a workplace, then working part-time should be the best opportunity to keep you busily involved even after retirement. Working part-time though may require some planning as you should identify some prospect organizations and companies to work with, and more importantly, the industry to which you intend to belong at a later time in life. At this point, you might want to consider your hobbies and interests in finding another fulfilling career post-retirement.

Full-Time Work

Full-time work doesn’t have to be always profitable. There are instances when a retiree opts to volunteer his or her time for a cause. Working full time is always an option, though in the parlance of tax, your earnings during this time may still be subject to income tax and could also affect the amount of pension and other retirement benefits you get. Nevertheless, working after retirement should always gravitate towards one goal: making you happy and fulfilled after a life of hard work, because you deserve it.