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Has the work world changed?

Has the work world changed since I left, will I still fit in?

Perhaps prior to retiring, you entire idea of retirement is built around spending your days tending happily to your garden, or frolicking on afternoons with your grandchildren; while this sound like the best idea, there sometimes come a point when you reconsider working after your retirement. At this generation, know that you belong with many.

Boomers of many different professions, industries, and occupation decide to work even after their retirement age. It could be out of financial necessity or pure interest (or sometimes, boredom!). But most of the time, it’s because they want something more than sitting around or having too much time on their hands doing nothing less productive than they were used to.

The good news is that industries are very much willing to embrace back retirees

While it is true that professions area always associated with being dynamic, the unparalleled experience and expertise of those who are seasoned and trained in the field continues to be a very valuable asset to every company.

Perhaps the only impediment to re-engaging in your job prior to retirement would be memory loss, dementia, or other age-related illness; other than that, nothing keeps boomers from being a part yet again of the industry they had spent so much time contributing their talents to.

Boomers can either re-engage in their previous careers or embark on a new one—otherwise called as “encore careers”. Most of these careers are not as stressful, difficult, or demanding; also making integration to a new industry easier.

Know too that even if it had been quite a time since you last engaged in your previous occupation, it will not take long to re-integrate yourself back to the business. There are trainings and other opportunities usually offered by companies to give you the current backdrop in the industry—so no worries.

At the end of the day, your lifelong dedication to your work and the business of your company is well worth enough to make you such a valuable asset in spite of your temporary respite after retirement.

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