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Why do 65% of retired people do some kind of work after retirement?

After many years working, people look forward to retirement.

Yet, after waiting for this retirement time for so long – many choose to work again.

Full time or part-time, why work again?

Many will want to work again, because they do not have enough money to live the “life” they thought they could have in retirement, because they did not save enough, because they don’t have a good pension plan, because unfortunate situation have come up that ate up a lot of their savings.

Others will want to work again, because they find retirement quite boring; they strive on the challenges work gave them and they cannot be without it. Work is stimulating for them, and they prefer work over idleness.

For others, working at something they have always to do but could not – for whatever reasons – is now possible. Maybe it’s a hobby that they have always done, loved, and just did not have the time to do while working full time – now in retirement, with a good financial support, they can indulge in that hobby, maybe earn some extra money, without financial stress and finally realize a dream.

Then, there are those who need the social atmosphere that comes from work. Not enjoying being alone in retirement, they may choose to work again, to enjoy the company of work colleagues.

Working in retirement may provide a needed intellectual stimulation for some; during the long winter months, there are only so many cross words puzzles you can get excited about…..and if Florida, golf, walks is not stimulating enough or possible – work might be a necessary option.