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Work in retirement or not?

At my new age (64) I am getting to know more and more retired people. Some work, many don’t.  I know well a couple that both recently retired.

One from an industry he has been working in all his career. During the last few years he enjoyed his work less and less. When he retired, it took him a mere week to decide that is it, although he pondered about consulting just to stay in the game. This is now 8 months ago. Today – no way. He is done. Mind you, they are well established financially.

His wife, who worked in PR also retired, but to date she still thinks about doing some part-time work. I think mostly to be “in the game” and socialize. However, they are traveling so much that when is she going to have time or energy to work? My prediction is that she won’t.  We’ll see.

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