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Work Part Time or Full Time Employment after Retirement: Which is Better?

Many retirees are interested to pursue work after the age of retirement. However, they are left in the dark on which option is better: full time or part time?

The USSA does not limit retirees who still wish to work after the age of retirement. They are at liberty to do so. However, it is important to note how they recalculate the amount of benefits you will receive.

Under Full Retirement Age
Those who are under the full retirement age are deducted $1 for every $2 earned in excess of the annual income limit, which is $14,640 for the year 2012.

Actual Full Retirement
If you reach, the full retirement age then the $1 will be deducted for every $3 that you earn in excess of the annual income limit, which is $38,880. Moreover, this will only be calculated based on your revenue after you do reach the retirement age.

Considering these facts, you may wish to think twice of working full time or part time. Unless you are saving for something big in the future then you may think of living a frugal life and spending more time enjoying the sun. It is your chance to enjoy life to the fullest without much obligation, so be sure you spend your time wisely.

The decision to choose full time employment or part time employment rests on the preferences of the individual. If you are completely satisfied with your work and do not have other travel plans in the future, then you are better off finding a full time work. Nevertheless, would this not be too much for you? You have worked all your life and you deserve a few hours of leisure time for yourself.

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