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Work for money or fun?

I just thought to ask… people working after retirement – do they do it for fun, to be in the game, to get out of the house, or do they need the money.

I think for many it is the former. Especially people from “big” careers and are used to being very busy. I don’t know yet, but I think that if you have a busy and interesting career you will find it boring to all of a sudden just stop. UNLESS you have lots of interests and hobbies and can afford to do as much as you want. Think golf.

For others, it is the money. Pensions are not what they used to be. To create some extra income, you might want to take a part time job just to make ends meet. Hopefully you will find something you can enjoy as well.

I guess for some people having finished a career that was not that fun – the thought of doing more work after retirement is just not an option.

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