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Is Work All You Know?

For some of you retiring, work is all you know. You never took up a hobby, or did much exploring around the world. You were 110% dedicated to your job.

That makes it very difficult to all of a sudden stop. What do you do then?

Many occupations are very intense and requires a considerable amount of involvement and very close association with co-workers. Law enforcement, for example. Over a 20-30 career very strong bonds are formed, the work is very intense and leave little time nor energy for hobbies. When they are forced to retire, or burn out they have very little to do. The dream of fishing and golfing every day might get old very fast. One way out is of course to take on some work after retirement. Security guard, private investigations and so forth. Some become consultants to police in retirement.

I suppose if you are that close to your career and work, it makes it easy to transition to take on a job after retirement – in your field. Or go out on your own, consult, write a blog – whatever. Unless you want to do nothing…..

If this is you, life can be great in retirement. You can get to do what you like to do work-wise, keep your contacts and make good use of all the years you learned. OR – if you are burned out – take some time off and review in a year or two. You might just find an activity you like, one that you thought in your working days you would never do. Golf, for example. I took it up when I was 60. Took a year before I started to enjoy it, still now I am not totally hooked but it is fun and it is an outing in fresh air.


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