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Most people are very good with their jobs, but they know nothing about training someone in their field.

The main reason to this is because most people do not trust other people to do the job they do. Also it is very hard to find the time to train someone. If you want to learn how to train someone in your field, here are some working suggestions.
You should look for someone who is willing to learn has a good attitude. It will be very hard to train someone who is not ready to learn or who has a bad attitude to learning. You can get this information from the HR department. You should also know that the brightest are not always the best learners. The best learners are those who are will to learn.
You should inform your department that you will be having a trainee around. This will ensure you get full cooperation from the people in your department – they may also help you to couch the trainee.
Training someone is a commitment and you have to be ready for the responsibilities that come with it. You have to create time for them no matter how your schedule is. You have to be fully prepared before the trainee actually arrives. You should actually create slot for them in your personal daily – treat them as any other business meeting or task. Ensure they know you are the one in control and they should learn as much as possible from you.
The first week of training should be used to assess the trainee abilities and weaknesses – you can do this by giving him some simple tasks that will help you know about their real personality. Keep track of their progress daily and keep a little report each day. This will help you know how quick the trainee is and how long they need to be trainees.
You should show your gratitude when the trainee successfully completes your assigned tasks – this will make them feel appreciated and they will be motivated to work even harder. Ensure you keep their mind on toes so they can learn as quickly as possible. You should not shy away from giving tasks that will challenge them. You can help them where they get stuck. This is the best way to learn effectively.
When the trainee is up to speed, you can split some of your work with them. Give them the freedom they need to handle the tasks in their own way, however, make sure you approve and go through their works at every stage. Make your trainee feel important by asking them about decisions and let them answer with an open mind. With this you will help them build their self-esteem.

No one is able to learn from an unconducive environment. It is your responsibility to come up with a non-threatening learning environment. The only way to do this, is to create a healthy relationship with your trainee. You should create enough time with them and engage them with active conversation that is not necessary work related.