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Teach College – Online

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I read about a lady who after a 39 year career in sales and marketing for major corporations retired at 63. A couple of years of traveling she got bored.

She is now teaching sales and marketing at a local college. The beauty is that she teaches these courses on-line! No commuting. She can be anywhere and work.

With that kind of experience it should not be difficult to get gigs in colleges. Just call them up and ask! Years ago I did that and got a couple of evening classes to teach on e-commerce.

I know well how this works! I work entirely on-line. Maybe 2-3 client visits a year, just an excuse to travel. So many part-time jobs can be done on-line. It sounds like the dream situation. And it actually is! If you like to travel you can – while working. When I go away – I tend to work a couple of hours then enjoy the rest of the day. Best of both worlds.


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