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Being Self-Employed

Transition from Full-Time Employment to Being Self-Employed

Times are changing—and perhaps it it’s all for the better. Not too long ago, retirement means a season to cap of years of hard work, but now more and more retirees are looking to establish an encore career.

While there are retirees who opt to be engaged in a full-time work, there are those that seek some respite through part-time work, often equated with being self-employed.

Part-time work refers to that situation where an employee works less than full workweek. A part time worker performs work fewer hours each day of the workweek or fewer days per week. This is considered as a flexible work option, giving the retiree the chance to enjoy both times off and time at work as he/she pleases.

The transition to a full-time work to a low-stress part-time work may be challenging yet equally rewarding. Downgrading the amount of work done a day or the hours spent around colleagues and work generally, may mean altering daily habits and schedules which the retiree has been used to for years. However, this adjustment only leads to a more relaxed setup, allowing the retiree to earn yet relax during his/her retirement.

This transition could also be in the form of downshifting in the field you love. Perhaps engaging in an industry that the retiree has wanted to do all his life is a great option. Start with small steps—familiarize with the trade—and engage in the industry.

They can also venture on existing knowledge and skills instead of shifting to unfamiliar fields. It is worth noting though that the urge to reinvention could bring about financial and emotional rewards than an old venture would. There is always that thrill to discovering something new.

Some industries though will require retirees to pick up additional training or education throughout the transition.

As they say that “Older people values flexibility”, there’s no doubt that transition from full time work to part time one during retirement will just a walk in the park. Could be literally.

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