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What is retirement?

Merriam-Webster defines retirement as “ withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life“. Not very clear, really. Using this definition, a retired person does not do any type of work whatsoever. The dream is then to have enough money to do whatever you want with no money concerns.

Pending on what you like to do, you could need a LOT of money. If you have a very limited retirement budget, well… you do what you can. And budget accordingly. Every situation is different.

In today’s language the word really refers to when you leave your long-term employment (company). So when you work after “retirement” are you not retired then any more? I guess not, but there is a difference.

In my mind there is a distinction between working full time for a company – even if it is your own – and not. If you end the full time employment, no matter what you do afterwards – you are “retired”. But that’s just me. SO in my case, I ended full time employment on May 21, 1988. Which means under that definition I have been “retired” since then – 27 years.

Of course, I have been nothing but “retired”. I have worked very hard, maybe even more than the standard 40 hour week to earn a living.

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