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This Retirement Jobs Evaluation Worksheet can help you pick a
self-employed job you can do from home. It is not a full list, but it might
get you thinking about what you would like to do to earn some extra money
after retirement.

Retirement Business Good Things Bad Things

Turn Hobby into Business
  • It is a subject you are familiar and enjoy
    talking about.
  • Your knowledge gives you an advantage over competition,
    and your experience gives you credibility.
  • Making a hobby “work” can ruin a perfectly great hobby.
  • May require customer interface and customer schedule requirements.
  • Marketing can be difficult in competitive

Sell Your Skill

  • Most likely it is a subject from your work
  • Your real-life experience is wanted by
    people without this experience.
  • You may be tired of this field and want to acquire new skills.
  • If you will be consulting, you will have
    to market your services and propose to potential clients.

Provide a Service
  • If you are particularly good at something,
    like gardening or paining you can provide this service in your area.
  • You get to choose the jobs you take on.
  • You will need to market your service to
    households in your area.
  • Requires direct interface with customer.
  • Must meet customer’s scheduling requirements.

Create and Sell Your Own Physical Product
  • If you make trinkets or art, you can sell
    these in your community or on-line.
  • If your shop is at home, no need to rent
  • You get to work whenever, pending on
    customer demands.
  • You will have to keep inventory
  • Must package and ship items
  • You will have to deal with customer service issues
  • Business might run you.

Sell Using a Dropshipper

(eBay or Shopify)
  • You keep no inventory
  • Dropshipper handles all fulfillment issues
  • You have to locate and make arrangements
    with a dropshipper
  • You depend on dropshipper for customer service
  • Dropshipper can let you down
  • You have to set up a marketing channel
    such as a web site and promote it. Could be expensive.
  • You may find competition fierce.

Publish a Blog

(My favourite)
  • It is easy to set up. You can do it
    yourself, or have someone familiar with it do it for you. (Like me). Then it
    is ready to use and monetize.
  • You get to share your passion and interest
    with other interested people.
  • You do not have to worry about setting up a website
  • You can include AdSense or affiliate advertising on your blog to generate revenue
  • Readers can leave comments about your issues and interact with you.
  • Search engines see your new content quickly.
  • Meeting publishing deadlines (if you set a publication schedule)
  • Must build traffic to develop readership.
    This can be done by SEO or paying for traffic.
  • It takes time to build credibility
  • A blog is personal and requires time.
  • Readers can leave comments about your issues and interact with you.
  • You have to deal with blog SPAM – although
    there are tools to help prevent this.
Affiliate ProgramsOn websites/blog
  • Affiliate handles all customer interaction.
    You just refer your interested visitors to the affiliate website.
  • No customer interaction whatsoever.
  • Can be done on own schedule.
  • Virtually risk free (except for personal time)
  • Affiliates come and go. You run the risk
    of setting up a website for a particular affiliate company and they go out
    of business.
  • It can be difficult to get enough traffic
    to make it worth while, especially in competitive areas.