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Retire – then vacation?

So you work for 35 years. Finally you retire at the age of 65. Hurray. Now what? For the last few years you looked forward to retirement. You have a nestegg. Let’s vacation.

Today, the life expectancy is a lot higher than ever before. And we are healthier, for the most part. 60 today is like 40 not so many years ago. We do more after 60 now that was unthinkable 20-30 years ago at 60.  I am, at this writing 64 and I race dragonboats for fun. Did you see your parents do that at 64?

The point I am trying to make is that retiring at 65 and then thinking you will be on a permanent vacation until you are no longer able to – it a stretch. Say you are active and healthy for the next 15-20 years. Is all you want to do is to do the RV thing, see the world, golf and lay on the beach in Florida every day for 15 years? Actually, it sounds good to me. But I think that I would get bored after a while.

So, consider taking some time off, say a year – and reconsider getting back into the game of working – part time. Doing something you really enjoy. Whether it is in your industry or not. But you have to like it. Then you can vacation half the year, make some money so you actually CAN vacation longer and better.

I mentioned in a previous post my friend who retired a year ago and not wanting to do any work forever. Well, last night he told me he was approached by an ex-client that wanted him to come in and help his business a little bit as a consultant. He is now really interested. For the right reasons. One – back in the game. Two – gets to share his vast experience to help someone else. (Ego boost). Three – make some extra money – so, in his own words – we can travel more and better. Makes perfect sense to me.

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