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6 reasons for working after retirement

You might have your own reasons for taking on a job or becoming self-employed after you retire from your career. It could be because you want to stay in touch, get out of the house or to have extra income. Here are some other good reasons why you might want to consider after-retirement work:

1. To give you a sense of purpose. You want to still feel needed in the workplace and society.

2. You will probably be less inclined to dip into your savings. Just after retirement is a good thing to do some work. Because as you get older, it will become more difficult.

3. You can add to your retirement plan such as IRAs (US) and RSPs (Canada). Each country is different, so you need to check into how much you can contribute.

4. You may get social benefits. Retired people who work are more engaged in the society, meet more people and are socially connected.

5. Better health. Barring pre-conditions, retired workers are busy, engaged and generally more healthy. Studies show that people who fared better stayed in their career field.

6. How about getting employee discounts? Working for retailers often comes with discounts. Just there you could save. Think Walmart.

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