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Popular part time jobs for retired people

Many, if not most retired people in the work place work part time jobs. Here are some part-time employment opportunities you might want to look into:

  1. Freelance consulting. After many years of working, you will have skills. They are marketable to people that need them, but don’t have the skills. Websites like will register you for free and you can apply to part-time jobs that are posted needing your skillset.
  2. Do the same job as before, only less of it! How about approaching your previous employer and offer your part-time services as a consultant?
  3. Do research for universities and businesses. If you have experience in research and analysis, you will find that many businesses will welcome your help.
  4. Seasonal work. Lots of employers hire seasonal help. Like garden supply companies, pool installers and so forth.
  5. Customer service rep. Many companies hire part-time retired people to answer phones for them.
  6. Make it your job to sell stuff you don’t need. eBay stuff in your garage. This could keep you busy for months, if not longer. And make you some money.
  7. Teach. Check out the local colleges for part-time opportunities using your experience and skills.


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