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Passive Income – Dream or Reality

Wanting to work after retirement you will soon come across the term “passive income”. Meaning you set it and the money will come. Sounds good. However, it is also one of the most damaging “wealth creation” you can imagine. People spend money, time and lots of efforts trying to create income you don’t have to work for. Many buy rental property just to get income without working. However, if they are not interested at all in being landlords, or repairs – they soon find out that passive doesn’t mean nothing to do. Same with what I do. I set up websites and once most of them are set up – they just keep on giving. Other sites need lots of work to earn any income. HOWEVER, I LOVE what I do. That makes it very different than someone buying into  a “program” that will automate websites and rake in the money.

The same gig happens with the MLM tactics. Most push the thought that some work now will secure a passive income for years to come. Not true. The dream of having a downline is exactly that. A dream. Downlines need encouragements, help and you will lose them one after the other so you need to constantly find new victims. That’s not passive.

One of my motivating goals is to have some revenues on autopilot. And I have achieved that. But all of it? Frankly, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself should it all become passive. I guess I have to compare that with workers who have slaved for 40 years and now have their pension. That’s true passive income. But if you don’t have a pensions, then expect to work for it. Most of it anyway.




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