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Make Money From Your Hobbies

Hopefully you have hobbies. Things you like to do in your spare time. Whatever it is, I believe there could be some money made from it. You get the best of both worlds. Get to do what you enjoy, and make a few bucks doing it. Try to make it so that it doesn’t become “work” again!

In my case, I have always been a bit of a photographer. In high school (when the world was black&white) I earned pocket money by taking pictures for the local newspaper. Over the years I have made enough doing nature wall-hangable images, family shots, sports and other activities to pay for my hobby-toys. Which was what I set out to do in the first place. I have also always entertained, playing piano. These days I entertain in retirement homes – and they pay well. How appropriate!

So if your passion is photography, there are ways to earn money from it. Not easy these days with everyone with a smartphone think they are photographers. However, if you have good nature photos in very high resolutions, people will buy them – if they are printed on canvas large enough to be hung on the wall.

Some other hobbies retired people enjoy doing that can pay a little bit:

  • Dog Walker
  • Baking
  • Entertaining
  • Crafts
  • Writing/Editing

Do an inventory of what you like to do, and what you have become an expert at – and figure out how to make it into a sideline.



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