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Innovative Ways To Monetize Your Blog With A Modern Approach

It wasn’t long ago that monetizing a blog meant you either were one of the niche experts that lucked out with Google Ads or you were an affiliate marketing guru.

Fast forward a few years, and the affiliate marketing opportunities and ways to make money via ads on your blog have exploded. Additionally, there are many other ways to monetize a blog.

#1 Memberships

Can you think of how you would set up memberships to a blog? It is done with a bit of finesse, initially building readership based on a niche blog in just about any field you choose. The information you provide is free, and then as you grow readership, you can then charge a membership for more premium information.

At a glance, this sounds a little difficult or far-fetched. But, it’s been done plenty of times, and there are some great examples. For instance, say you run a blog about diabetes. You provide information about symptoms, treatments, new discoveries, home remedies and more. Next, you put together a professional eBook about the subject.

This eBook can be compiled expert articles or an eBook written out in full fashion. The readers are going to eat this information up, paying the “membership charge” to gain access to that eBook and more. You will have become an expert within your niche, and you will reap the rewards quite nicely.

#2 Banner & In-Text Ads

The banner ads remind you of course of Google Ads, but niche blogging as mentioned earlier has changed the way these ads perform. Everyone is out there browsing the web looking for more information, and the numbers will only exponentially increase as people are taking it mobile.

When it comes to in-text ads, these are increasingly popular these days. You don’t have to join a program to do this, as you can just sell ad space for your site once you’ve built enough readership. That is another aspect of Internet marketing that has changed, as more and more experts are created involving different niche subjects.

#3 Get Paid To Post

Getting paid to post reviews on a blog is becoming an option more and more, when it wasn’t so much in the past. Companies are looking for people to help them with reputation management. Two rules that should be explicitly stated are: You only give a positive review if you feel positive about a product, which means you’re always honest. Second, you try out the product and of course make it known that the review is a paid one.

Still, this is a very lucrative opportunity. Companies are consistently innovating ways to get positive messages out to the public concerning their products. A company can’t negative content down, but they can push it down the search engine result rankings with positive reviews. You can help.

Some of the ways to monetize a blog require that you be the active writer, while others let you outsource the entire ideal. Either way, monetizing a blog is a business, and should be treated as such.