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Can you imagine not working?

I always wondered what would happen if someone came to me and said “We will pay you the average of the last 3 months of net income for the rest of your life, but we will take away your computers, internet and all clients.”

First reaction: travel. Get better at golf. Hang out. Then that would get old very fast I think. Because I like working. I don’t even consider it work. Sometimes I’d rather be doing this than anything else. Sure, at times I get tired of the whole things, especially when things don’t go exactly as planned… but overall – I can’t imagine myself NOT doing this any more.

If you are employed and simply know that you dread the time when you have to stop – then it is time to start planning for what you WANT to do when you leave the office for the last time. If you really enjoy working in your field then it should be easy. Continue to work in your field. As a consultant, advisor, teacher etc.

I also observe people in very intense jobs, such as police/fire members. These jobs are so intense, and very strong bond develop that to leave is often very difficult. Here it would be also very prudent to figure out a plan to continue working. Of course you wouldn’t be able to do the same job, but with a little research I am sure they can come up with activities that are fulfilling, part-time and earning some cash.

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