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Things you need to give up to be happy in retirement

How do you know you’ll be happy after you stop working? I suppose it depends on how happy you were before retirement. You are your own boss. You decide what you need to do to be happier. We all deserve to be happy. Just because you retire and end the endless craziness of punching the clock – you don’t become immediately happier in my opinion. Now there are a whole new slew of challenges to tackle. Money. Where to go. Health. Safety. Pensions. Health insurance.

I have always wondered what happiness is like. I think I am pretty happy, but who knows. There is always something to worry about, plan for, to do, should do, should have done, regrets and many more reason to challenge happiness. I think for the most part, we find it easier to be unhappy than happy. Happiness can lead to guilt too. “Do I deserve this? Other people are miserable.”

I think a lot about this. Too much. Maybe this will help, I need to look at this list often. Easy to read, it makes sense but soo difficult to implement. Let’s try!

Here is a shortlist of things, that in my opinion we have to give up to make us happier:

  • Give up excuses.
  • Give up unresolved relationships.
  • Give up stress. Relax, breathe and smile instead!
  • Give up regrets. The past is the past. Nothing you can do.
  • Give up resentment. Move on.
  • Give up trying to please everybody. You can’t, so why bother trying so hard?
  • Give up disappointment. “If you don’t expect anything, you won’t be disappointed.” Not everything will work. Learn and move on.
  • Give up feeling misunderstood. You can’t control what other people think. Be the person you want to be without much regard for what people think.

Give it a try. Take one item a week and work on it.

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