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Personal guidance to help your transition from retirement to entrepreneur or part-time worker.

If you are, or will be retired soon and want to be productive after you leave your long-term job – AND you don’t really know how to go about it – maybe I can help.

ingvar_drawingI’ll try and make this short. I have been on my own since 1988 after a corporate sales/marketing/management career. Survived OK, but have not achieved huge wealth. I don’t think that was ever the objective during the past 27 years. My goal is still – aside from feeding the family – to do stuff I am genuinely interested in and wake up every morning feeling anxious to get to work. AND make a few bucks along the way. That I have achieved, and will keep me going for quite a while yet.

I have never been bored, and almost never felt stuck in having to do something I hated. When I did, I simply stopped and replaced it with something I found interesting. I have always found some way to earn a living. Doing what I like to do. Pretty cool actually, now that I think about it.

I have had the freedom to work at my own pace, wherever I went. I am sure I have put in as many hours an any worker though, but they have all been fun and exiting.

My other motivation has always been fed by my artistic nature. I get a kick out of producing something that helps people in some way, or people enjoy what I do for them. I am also very curious, and strive to learn about as much as I can about pretty well everything. (not so much sports and politics though).

I’d like to work with you one-on-one to get you started, and help you along in your working-after-retirement journey.

Like a coach if you will. I am very good at analyzing what will work, and we can make it happen. Whatever it is. I have experience in a multitude fields. I have been through the ringer many times, and had many great successes as well.

How do we do this? The best way is for you to contact me and let me know where you stand and what you would like to accomplish. Then we can go form there and if I think I can help we can discuss fees and strategy.