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The evolving retirement

“Retirement” is a bit of an old-fashioned word today. For many people it is an evolving process of trying to enjoy as much as possible and also be challenged and stimulated. Keep your interests alive. Be social. Meet people.

It is not “over” by a long stretch of imagination.  After I started this site I am finding the study of retirement very interesting. When I was younger, I too always looked at retirement as something old people had to do when they were too old to work. Nothing for me to worry about. If found my hiring sheet from NCR the other day, and it said right there on top “Hired 1976 – Retiring in 2016”. That could have been me. Still working for the company and getting the gold watch next April with a good pension. This is not how it worked out. I left the world of paychecks in 1988.

Do I regret it? One part of me says yes, because I don’t have any pension coming. The other part says no – because I have done so many crazy and fun stuff during the past 27 years. Could I have been stimulated and had as much fun had I stayed with a corporation? Maybe. Probably. My old boss always told me that I always needed a challenge. I guess I had to go out and find that myself. And I did.

I have met people who stayed around the company just to get to 65 and retire. Not having much fun at work. To me, and that is just the way I think – that is such a waste of time.


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