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Earn money from websites

What is the best way to earn money from your website?

There a a few methods you might consider. Pending on the type of site you have. Here’s a quick break down the way I see it (more about monetizing websites later):

Personal blog on your passions.
Google’s AdSense is the best way, since your posts will be about several subjects. AdSense will analyze your page and deliver ads according to your topic on that post.

Sites/blogs reviewing products.
AdSense is also good, but you would do better creating affiliate links from companies like Amazon and Clickbank.  Product review sites, especially the narrow focused ones seem to be doing ok these days. You have to pick your niche. Products that people buy, obviously but also products that doesn’t have that much search competition. You want to have a crack at getting on the first page of Search Engines.

Sites very specific to a topic
Sites analyzing specific niches are great. Then the best method is to work directly with a service/product provider and become an affiliate. For example, in the competitive FOREX trading market you can become an affiliate of most of the biggest FOREX brokers and make a $200+ commission per new client. But there are other niches probably easier to get into.

Bottom line is that pretty well any website can be monetized in some way. If you have good targeted traffic – making a few dollars along the way isn’t that difficult.

P.S. Stay away from all the scammy sites out there promising easy, hands-off internet money. I have tried most of them. If you are a serious blogger or website content person – stay with the true and proven method of blogging every day, giving your viewers interesting reading. Then choose to insert ads that matches your site. You will get results.




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