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Why list your website here?

May 10, 2015 – I’d like to invite you to submit your website for inclusion. Your site can serve as inspiration for retirees considering setting up a website. You will also get an authoritative link back to your site. (=SEO juice!) For now, the listings are free just to get the site going.


Pricing for listing (takes effect June 1, 2015)

Listing shown for…

365 days (1 year) includes 2 images. $59.00 (includes SEO ~ meta description & meta keywords)

183 days (6 months) includes 1 image. $39.00  (includes SEO ~ meta description & meta keywords)

90 days (3 months) includes 1 image $29.00 (includes SEO ~ meta description & meta keywords)

14 days includes 0 image FREE (NO SEO & can refuse any listing) Your Free listing MUST be put under “FREE Listings” in Business Genre category. You will be asked to pay if it is listed under any other category.

Featured Listings: Upgrade your listing to featured status for an additional $29.99. Featured listings will always appear on top of regular listings and will be located in the featured listings block on the right hand side of our website.