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Companies want people who don’t have to work

Some retired folks find it easy to get a part-time job if they don’t need the money. If the reasons for working is more than just financial.

Because you want to work, some employers might look at that more favorable than “I have to work”. Research suggests that people with higher education and want to work have a better chance of getting a job than those who needs the job. They might also be hired because of their positive attitude, they see work as an interesting challenge and also want the social interaction.

Do we take away jobs from young people starting out?

Maybe in some cases. I think thought that many retirees become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses that create jobs. It might be a simple zero sum game. The bottom line is often that any smart company will hire the person that is best suited for the job. Age notwithstanding.

Perhaps if the retired person with no career issues takes a job away from a young person willing and able to learn the business and make it a career.

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