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Why do companies hire older workers?

If you are afraid nobody will hire you, even part-time because you are older – forget that worry.

Workers over 50 have always faced a hurdle in competing for jobs with younger people. Some stereotypes – too expensive, out of touch with technology and often less energetic and productive. A recent report by the AARP dismiss these myths.

One interesting finding is that larger companies are struggling to find qualified workers. So they are starting to turn to candidates with more experience. The downside is often that older workers will retire sooner, thus companies are afraid to train them and not get the needed productivity out of them.

These days, 65% of workers age 55 and up are looked at as engaged – in comparison with below 60% of workers under 45. This is very interesting.

Productivity also goes up, simply because an older worker has more experience and has often been through all the learning it took to become effective in the workplace. I also think us older people have a more “get it done” attitude.

About the technology thing – here you are, reading my blog written by a 64 year old and a highly technical one at that.

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