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Bucket lists in semi-retirement

Bucket lists in semi-retirement. Can you afford them? Should you spend the money?

I am still working. For myself, mind you – but creating some income. Should we take a plunge on something really special, something that you have wanted to do for a while – OR do what you are supposed to do – live cheap and save for “retirement”.

The guy on my left shoulder screams “Do it! You might get sick and won’t be able to do anything – except count all the money you have saved when you could do stuff.”

The guy on my right shoulder fights back: “Nooo… you are healthy and you will live for a long time. You need the money to afford a good lifestyle.”

What an epic battle. In this case, guess who won?

Here’s my over-60-bucket-list #1 story.

Ever since I was a boy I loved airplanes and flying. Back in high school in Norway I got to fly in a small plane. Then when I moved to Montreal in 1971 I took lessons. Then some moves happened, but in 1976 I finally got my private license. For the next 15 years I flew a lot. Total fun. Then work, life, transfers and a whole bunch of other things happened and I dropped it. But I always said: “one day I will fly again”. The urge got stronger, and pushed away my right shoulder guard.

One thing that held me back was the fear of the dreaded aviation medical. Being 64, something must be wrong. Of course, I haven’t seen a doctor in years. And I hate being rejected. However, I feel great, no pains no indications of anything wrong. Sure, a few pounds in reserve… anyway, I went and got a 100% clean bill of health. 2 year Class III medical. Nice. No more excuses.

Headed over to the flying school and signed up for refresher lessons and the written/verbal tests. 3 lessons later – much less that I had hoped for – plus some old-fashion studying I passed the flight test and the written/verbal tests with flying colors. Pun intended.

So yeah, I am now a 64 1/2 year old with a Private Pilot’s License. And checked out on two different airplanes at the flying club. Now I will fly as much as can afford and will totally enjoy it.

Crazy? Sure. Satisfying? Absolutely. Irresponsible? No comment.

The purpose here is not to brag (oh well, I am pretty pleased with myself) but to tell a story that might inspire you to do something crazy – before it is too late for some reason.

Life is too short. And healthy life is even shorter. To be cynical and cold… what happens when I get sick and end up in a home I am really not that much interested in. Then I will know that it is too late. I will have the memories and the satisfaction that I did what I could while I had the chance.

If I live a long life, and healthy as well – oh well, at some point I will have to cut down on crazy. (Or have to live alone!) But that is later.

NOW is the time my friends.

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