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Can blogging in retirement really make money?

Yes. If it is done right. And no, it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

It will take time and creativity. Blogs only work because of content (and a little promotion effort).

In researching blogging, I find that the majority of bloggers are women – many retired. I don’t want to even start explaining that stat….

Of all the things you can do in retirement to have some fun and earn some money, blogging is probably the most interesting, and maybe one of the easiest and lowest cost to get into. In my opinion.

You see lots of on-line articles and promotions on blogging for money. Many of them are full of vague statements on how easy it is. It is not that difficult, but here’s a check-list:

You should set up a blog IF:

  • You have a reasonable amount of knowledge and passion for your field or hobby.
  • You like to learn new things about your topic
  • You can write reasonable well
  • You can devote at least 5 hours/week to this project
  • You like to share your knowledge

You have worked and learned. I would venture to say everyone that has worked steady for 30+ years in any field has a wealth of knowledge in their field.

I have always been intrigued by this concept, and thought what a resource this is for people wanting this knowledge, but don’t have it. For example, you have worked as a PR person in your career.

Say a new college graduate comes into the business, and wants a fast-track to a career advancement. You have already achieved that, wouldn’t it be cool if you could share this knowledge with this young person?

You would set up a blog (website) like this one, actually – and simply share your experience. Your ups and downs. The title could be “How to Succeed in the PR business”.

You will monetize the blog once you get some traffic. More on that later. I have set up and monetized dozens of blogs. For others, and myself.

To make that fun, you will still have to have a keen interest in your field and have some writing ability. AND you will need to know how to set up a blog. This is not difficult these days, but I can do it for you so you get a running start.

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