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April, 2015

ingvarLet me get personal for a minute..

My name is Ingvar Grimsmo, and I am a “retired” person still working.

Retired meaning I don’t have a regular job, no pension plan and no boss. I got my last paycheck from a corporation in May,1988.

So technically I have been “retired” since then and I am a live and active working after retirement guy. With 27 years of experience.

I set this site up because I have been intrigued with the concept of working after retirement for years, and I finally sat down and started writing about it. My goal is to create a complete guide to post-retirement work. Might take some time.

Things change. People are living longer and are healthier. More people are just not ready to retire and do the RV thing. I know people that are more passionate after retirement and want to do something fun and productive. I also know people that can’t live off their retirement income and need to supplement their income. There are basically two ways to work after retirement; get full or part-time employment or work for yourself. This site will have tips and resources for both.

I also started this site because several friends near retirement ask me for advice on setting up their own business. For now this site is FREE – but soon it could be a fee-based site. WHY you ask….

Simply because I, and my partners will be spilling our guts out sharing what has worked, and what hasn’t over the years. Sure, there is a ton of information on the internet. But we found that it’s scattered, and frankly – lots of it is not credible. So, we will gather it all, sort it all out, add our own experiences and present you with the real deal.

Why ask me? Well, after working in a corporate environment for 18 some years (NCR, 3M and Wang) I got myself laid off and never had a regular paycheck since. That was in 1988. Since then I have been on my own. Many ups and downs, and hundreds of hard lessons learned along the way. Good ones too!

For the most part my business has been high tech. I have some programming skills, so I have written several custom software system for clients that are still in use today – and I support some of them. When the internet came, I jumped on the bandwagon. I started to set up websites for clients. Then I discovered “internet marketing”. Which simply is a catch-all for generating revenues from websites. All in all it’s been great. I have a saying – “I work hard for my freedom” although week for week I probably put in as many, or more hours than a working person.

I hope to provide some answers to anyone wanting to start a business OR want to take a job after retirement.

As per April 2015 I managed to reach the golden age of 64. Unbelievable. I am “semi retired”. Whatever that means, no regular paycheck I guess. No 8-5. No commuting. No boss, except my clients, mind you. I love what I do. I can’t see myself NOT working. I don’t even call it work, it’s so much part of my life. However, I, like most people my age am thinking of when I can’t work, or I really get tired of it all.

Since 1988 I have written and sold software, set up hundreds of web sites for myself and clients, consulted with large and small companies and government entities. Clients often refer to me as “the idea guy“.

I could now present an impressive resume with all the details neatly laid out. But it doesn’t matter. I am not selling myself. I just hope you find my rantings useful.

I have been broke, in the money, ripped off, successful, down in the dumps – you name it. I have had to fire clients, and been fired. I have had great successes where clients have absolutely benefited from my services. It’s been quite a ride – I am still on it.

My hope is – through this site – that I can share some of my experiences, help you decide what to do next and perhaps be of service to you. In an informal way. I have had my share of formal sites and people.

Business is done one-on-one.

Anyway, enough about me – if you want to know more about me – please contact me.

Best wishes,



P.S. For fun I race dragonboats and take pictures.