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65 is not old.

In the old days we didn’t live nearly as long as we live today. So at retirement age 60-65 people really just wanted to enjoy the few year they had left as reasonable healthy retirees. Today, we expect (hopefully) to stay healthy and active well past 75. Which means there is time to do some more work to prop up your pension plan and still have lots of time to enjoy the “golden years”.

Today’s 65 is yesteryear’s 45. We do things today in our 60s that was unthinkable when we were kids. I am 64 and I dragonboat amongst other activities. I know people well over 70 that are active paddlers and compete. Heck, I didn’t take up golf until I was 60!

Thinking back at my parents and grandparents when I grew up…they were old at 40. But that could have been a young person’s perspective!

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