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5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

A lot of unemployed, retired, or even stay at home parents want to make money online. It is a great way to supplement income, or even make a full income. There are hundreds of scams out there unfortunately, but there are multiple ways to make money online that are perfectly legitimate. Of course, real work is required just like any other job, but being able to work at home, and even make some money can certainly contribute to a good family budget. Or in the case of other people, it can pay all of the bills, enabling you to avoid the corporate world all together.

eBay is a great online source to make money, though it has become harder in recent years. A lot of successful people on eBay make their own products and sell them. This is great for the artist or creative person. Others simply buy in bulk and re-sell, others go to garage sales and thrift shops to find their warez. It is important, whatever you sell, to find your niche, your sweet spot to say. Some people know purses, others know books, once you find your niche, making money will be so easy. Remember when selling there are eBay fees, fees to accept payments and shipping fees.

Many people make a decent income online by writing for people. Whether they are doing freelance journalism, helping research papers, or just writing for websites. The nice thing about this is, only basic writing skills are required. Though of course more knowledge would be helpful, but knowing the language fluently including grammar works. Once you become established at writing, you can literally pick your clients if you are good enough at it.

This requires being fully fluent in two languages. If you have this skill, certainly translating can be very lucrative. Whether it be court documents, magazine articles, or legal documents. This is an in demand skill, and once you are known in the industry you will probably have too much work to handle on your own.

Digital Assistants
There are thousands upon thousands of digital assistants around the world. They could do any number of tasks, from making an excel document to researching bakeries in NYC. Usually strong writing and organizational skills are required. Sometimes people do not pay well, but if you are good and organized this will not be a problem.

There are countless websites out there that allow you to sell your skills to people and businesses. If you have a skill that can be done on the internet, you can make a good living. Whether it be programming, WordPress, or accounting skills, many sites have a marketplace between customer and contractor. Again, establishing yourself may be difficult, but if you are good at what you do, money can be made pretty easily.

The great thing about working online is of course the freedom that comes with it. Though, it is important that the home office and house be separate, it could just be a separate room or the garage. Always keep track of your earnings, and also your expenses. If you professionally earn money online as a full time job, it may be a good idea to look into incorporating or forming an S-corp. This would enable you to write off expenses associated with working online, such as internet access or programs required to work. Of course, consulting a lawyer or a CPA would be prudent in this matter. A lot of money can be made online if you are willing to work at it.

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