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Volunteerism for your Retirement Years

If you have been working all your life, then retirement period is most probably one of the events you are looking forward to in your life. Unfortunately, when you finally reach your retirement age and experience the slower pace kind of life many of these retirees start to complain. They want their old life back. They want to get moving. They want their brains to start working. They want to be active, but not back to the extreme pressure and stress of a regular eight-hour job in the workforce industry. How do you remedy this?


Why not look for volunteer jobs where you can once again interact with other people. You may have saved enough but only need to stay connected with society. You may be missing the chance to share stories, crack a joke or two, eat with your new acquaintances, or chat with your colleagues. Choose one of these volunteer jobs and start a new life as a volunteer to the community.

Environmental Friendly Volunteerism

Spend a certain amount of your time assisting the environmental friendly cause. You can help in cleaning up the shore or help forest rangers get rid of non-biodegradable trash left by irresponsible visitors. It will help occupy your time while you learn interesting stuff about the environment. Visit sites of these agencies and apply as one of their volunteers.

Some of the agencies that you can contact includes the following:

National Forests

National Parks

Ocean and Weather Bureau

Coast Guard Patrol

Water Quality Monitoring Volunteers

Teacher at Sea Program

Enjoy your retirement years doing acts of volunteerism to others and the environment. Make your life productive even without a full time work occupying your life.

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